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Nottingham City Council’s portfolio holder for Transport & Area Working

“The current street lighting in Nottingham is becoming less effective. We work closely with the police and other emergency services through the Crime and Drugs Partnership to control crime and anti-social behaviour. These organisations could be greatly assisted in their work by better street lighting which makes it easier for them to monitor hot spots with CCTV. New street lighting will have huge environmental benefits too. Having the ability to be able to reduce the intensity of lighting during off-peak hours saves energy and money. So effective are the white lights that a slight dimming would probably be barely noticeable. We’ve been testing this approach on Valley Road in Sherwood since May 2009. At off-peak times we’ve reduced the lighting and no one has commented on it. While there is an increased cost to the council for the new lighting, this is money well spent. Rather than continuing to maintain old lights, it’s better to invest a bit more and have more effective and energy efficient lighting.”

- Cllr Jane Urquhart